Who are we? Who is Marocmarabout?

 It is a non-profit private initiative, which has developed since 2010, during the travels and over the course of encounters in the Southwest of Morocco and the Atlantic Sahara. Every trip and every encounter has given rise to new prospects of tourism development, and that’s how our travel propositions are evolving (mainly in the form of tours) and the composition of the Swiss-Moroccan team that welcomes you.
Being neither a travel agency nor a tour operator, the main intention of our propositions is to make you discover this beautiful region, to enjoy wild nature, fauna and flora, introduce you to local people and their customs and promote intercultural exchange while being accompanied in situ. We also support local initiatives and resources as a matter of priority, giving the opportunity to the inhabitants to develop their know-how and their knowledge of the land.
While having a good time relaxing and enjoying adventure!
Ecotourism, solidarity tourism, fair, sustainable … these are the appropriate words to define our identity.
Thus the financing of your tours is intended to support local initiatives which are in conformity with the protection of the environment, the enhancement of cultural heritage and the maintenance of local customs.
We thank all the travelers who have taken the steps to commit themselves, have taken the initiative to travel and have talked about it with other people: this is the way our tours have developed, and we are grateful to everyone who has contributed to our activities in one way or another.

Who will you meet on site?

Rachida, traditional massages
Naama, Camping and Tourist Office of Smara
Hafida, meals and homestay in Smara
Rachid, guest house in Foum Assaka
Hassan, Atlantic Sahara Camp
Abdou, oasis and Museum of Tighmert
Hassan, guide for Foum el Hisn region
Siham, woman's cooperative in Smara
Hassan, fischerman in Naila
Rose, organizing tours, accompanying, webmaster and pictures
Mohamed, guide region Dakhla
Lahcen, meals in Sidi Ifni
Malika, wellcome in Marrakech
Mohamed, wellcome in Marrakech
Tilioua family, guest house in Amtoudi
Naji, bivouac in Foum Zguid
Khalid, driver
Boujemaa, Ecology, Akhfenir

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