New – Year in the desert of Smara / 27th December 2016 to 7th January 2017

We spend New Year’s Eve in the desert!

Who has never dreamt of spending the night under the big sky, in complete silence…
Accompanied by dromedaries, guided by camel drivers who are great experts of the Sahara, we walk five days in the beautiful desert of Smara, 4-5 hours easy walking per day, over varied terrain, possibility to ride dromedaries.

Nights in bivouac (tents for 1-2-3 people) and traditional Sahrawi cuisine.

A smooth approach to the desert and its secrets, very interesting rock art sites, the rock Tbeila,
the plateau of Gur el Berd, Cave of the Hyena… many exciting discoveries you can make while trekking.

And this is a great opportunity to experience the Hassani and Sahrawi culture.
During the jouney to Smara, we visit the nature reserve of Souss Massa, Guelmim, the Atlantic coast of the Sahara and the oasis of Tighmert.

By choosing this tour, you are helping to support local partners who engage in ecotourism and enhancement of the Sahara natural and cultural heritage.