Moussem de Tan Tan according to local agenda

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The Moussem of Tantan, UNESCO World Intangible Heritage , brings together each year the nomadic tribes of the Sahara. Living witness of customs and traditions, it offers the opportunity to attend the “tburidas, horse racing and camel, to musical events, songs and dances, presentation of handicrafts, medicinal plants, and other interesting aspects of the local culture. Over a period of a few days, moussem never announced well in advance … we therefore expect annual confirmation of dates, to bring you to attend, while visiting the region , oasis Medcour Yeah, Port of Tan Tan, Oued Chbika, and other websites of your choice.

From Marrakech, through the nature reserve of Souss Massa, Tiznit, Guelmim. With the advantage of finding a peaceful accommodation during the moussem to Tan Tan beach … and a 4×4 vehicle and local guides to some interesting visits to the region outside the time of festivities moussem.